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AntivirusDepot's BEST PICK

Note: for Kaspersky users, for the moment we will not include this brand from Russia in the best choices due to recent events and risk.

Bitdefender, McAfee, Norton, etc. are not listed because they cause too many consumer's complaints

Our Top choice of the best Protections with their strengths and weaknesses.


The most important points we checks are:

      Protection efficiency

            Easy installation and use of the software

             No mandatory renewal contract

            Does not have many customer's complaints


Comprehensive Protection: Antivirus, antimalware  with Banking Protection

 No 1.   F-secure Safe (all devices)  or F-secure internet security (windows only)


Strong points:

Bank protection for all Devices.

Excellent efficiency rate for virus detection on all platforms

Easy management and installation

Fastest, very light and easy to manage interface

*Safe offer Protection for all devices: Windows, Mac, Android, IOS devices such as Ipad and Iphone

Weak points:

No password management (  see below  F-Secure Total  for a VPN and password management).


*note: you can also get F-secure Total wich include 3 softwares:

F-secure Safe:  Complete antivirus protection

F-secure freedome :  VPN for anonymous browsing and travelers (hotel's wifi)

F-secure ID protection:  to Secure your passwords and online identity



   F-secure  Antivirus


Strong points:

Best for clean  basic protection of PCs

great efficiency rate for virus detection

Very light

Very Cheap.

Simple interface

Easiest  to install

Weak points:

no  banking protection

Works only for Windows PC

Requirements: Windows 7,8,10,11

No 2 .   Eset internet Secrurity or Smart security premium

Strong points:

easy to install

good detection rate

Banking protection

Smart security premium offer password manager

Weak points:

No protection for IOS Iphone and Ipad

Management is not as easy as F-secure for  many devices

   Eset NOD32


Strong points:

easy to install

good detection rate 

Weak points:

Not as strong as F-secure Antivirus.

No firewall or bank protection.

only for Windows PC

Malwarebytes Antimalware


Strong points:

easy to install

very good detection rate on virus and malware

Weak points:

No banking protetion
Very slow customer service by form and email only
Definitely need to manage on the platform to reinstall later.

If you dont see your brand its because we only shows the best that are easy to use and dont show bad caracteristics like

Not as effective

Have Customer service issues

harder to install or Manage

many annoying popup and questions