Which antivirus offers the best protections and benefits?

See our picks of the best antiviruses that have been used and tested by AntivirusDepot and that offer significant advantages over the competition

on this link:https://antivirusdepot.ca/en/Best

What will I received?

  • An electronic activation code by email
  • A download link
  • Detailed instructions
  • You will not receive any CD nor box by mail.

How to download the antivirus?

You will receive a download link by email once you purchase a product.

When will I received the activation code that I bought?

Your license will be sent by email once your order as been processed.Usually 10 to 30 minutes

Why are prices so low?     

In order to respect the environment, we do not buy boxes or CD.

We are a store that offers only electronic licenses, so no shipping costs, handling and storage fees.

Our main goal is to offer you the best price to increase our clientele in North America     

We offer even lower prices for IT resellers, technicians or groups, contact us!

What types of payment do you accept?

  • Paypal
  • Credit card: Visa, MasterCard and American Express

Can I just renew my existing version?

Yes, the activation key can also be used to renew the same product, no need to install it again.

How can I get help?

Consult our services page for detail or contact us directly.

I already have viruses that won’t go away, can you help me?

  • Yes, we offer virus removal services including cleanup and optimization.
  • We can assist you online using Teamviewer tool.
  • Consult our services page for details.

Can I return/exchange/refund the antivirus software I bought?

No exchange, credit or reimbursement can be accepted once a sales transaction of a digital product has been confirmed. In no instance will Antivirus Depot be held responsible for any compatibility issues between a digital product and an electronic device. The digital files acquired are works produced by the authors and are therefore protected by the Copyright Act.

How can I unsubscribe from your emails?

Simply go to this unsubscribe page https://www.antivirusdepot.ca/en/unsubscribe/